Thames Clippers London Trinity Buoy Wharf Google Street View 1024x545 Climb onboard a Thames Clipper in Google Streetview

In what was certainly an interesting venue to photograph, Thames Clippers, the main boat service in London, invited the public to see inside one of their vessels.

Starting very early in the morning before the city had fully woken, Business Tours photographed the interactive tour in a couple of hours and uploaded the imagery to Google within a few days. You can find the imagery embedded in the search results of Google, by searching for ‘Thames Clippers’, as seen below.

 Climb onboard a Thames Clipper in Google Streetview

We walked Thames Clippers through the process of embedding the imagery onto their website, which they are now using to attract more customers to their business.

We were very happy with the quality of the imagery at Thames Clippers, and were particularly pleased with the follow up and helpful pointers regarding how to embed and make best use of the imagery. It made the experience process easy and we feel it was great value for money.

Louise Alexander, Thames Clippers