ETC Venues is one of the UK’s largest conference and events venue company and as a major part of the company’s marketing strategy, each of their London venues were mapped out in Google Street View aka Google Business View.

While we love to see clients on show-rounds, expectations to tour virtually and then book online are increasing every year. I’m convinced this will be industry standard within a few years, so I’m pleased that Etc Venues is leading the way. I know from the clients who have seen the demos that this could potentially be transformational in how they plan events.

Alastair Stewart, managing director of Etc Venues

Not only were the venues included in Google Maps, the company also commissioned a bespoke interface for the imagery, which incorporated more immersive features, such as interactive hotspots and floor plans for ease of navigation.

Click the links below to explore each venue in detail:

ETC Venues Prospero House Google Street Business View London 1024x682 Google Business Views inside ETC Venues