Monday 12 Cover 1024x320 Sheffield Graduation Gigapixel Images Back in 2012, for the first time in the UK, university students graduating from Sheffield University were able to tag themselves with Facebook at their Graduation in super high resolution images, consisting of 1000s of megapixels. Since then, we have been lucky enough to be invited back by Sheffield University to photograph their January and 2013 Summer graduations. Check out the Instagram BTS below to see some of how it is achieved! An offering previously reserved for events such as President Obama’s Inauguration or the Queen’s visit to Nottingham, Sheffield University was the first university in the UK to adopt the same technology used to offer super high resolution images or ‘gigapixel images’ for their students at their graduation ceremonies in July. Students were able to explore the gigapixel photographs of their fellow classmates graduating and will be able to look back at this final memento of their life at university for years to come. High definition images at graduations in UK first News releases News The University of Sheffield 1024x526 Sheffield Graduation Gigapixel Images We had a 5 minute window in which to bring gear onto the main stage, photograph the gigapixel image before taking the equipment back off stage in order for the university Fellows to arrive, leaving zero chance for error. In total, Business Tours UK produced 15 taggable gigapixel images over a 5 day period, each of which was ready online within 24 hours of each graduation. This was the largest number of taggable gigapixel images ever produced in such a short amount of time and has helped to raise a lot of attention for the university both online and in print.  

78 stopwatch2x Sheffield Graduation Gigapixel Images

24-Hour Turnaround Time

Each image was turned around within 24 hours of the graduation, so that it was ready to be embedded on the university’s website the day after the event. That’s 3 gigapixel images a day for 5 days!

176 ipad2x Sheffield Graduation Gigapixel Images

Device Compatibility

Each image could be tagged using a desktop computer or mobile device compatible with flash. For those devices without flash, the imagery fell back to regular gigapixel imagery ensuring that no device was left in the dark.