Tuxford Academy got in touch with the task of producing an entire school photograph, indoors, inside limited space of school hall.

Our solution was to photograph the entire school in 12 sections, photographing several hundred students at a time, before stitching together the 12 sections to create the final image.

Rows Composite panos to final 1024x370 Tuxford Academy School Gigapixel Photo

To ensure the maximum level of detail possible, in addition to stitching together the 12 sections, each individual section was also created from merging 18 separate photographs. This was created with the use of a robotic camera to ensure pinpoint accuracy and means that, in total, the final image consists of 216 individual photos.

Rows Composite 1024x839 Tuxford Academy School Gigapixel Photo

To maintain a clean, consistent image, we erected a 12m x 4m black drape at the back of the hall to use a backdrop. This also helped to mask the edges of each section and blend it seamlessly in with the next.

Once each of the 12 sections had been created by merging the photos together, we then had to merge the 12 sections together to create the final image. By photographing the image this way, we were able to create a high quality school photograph inside the school hall, where traditional methods would be limited by the lack of space, whilst also keeping lesson disruption to a minimum.

Below is a scan of the article as it appeared in the School Newsletter.

Tuxford Accadamy Page 2 1024x662 Tuxford Academy School Gigapixel Photo

I felt we should record this moment in time and this group of staff and students because together we have built something remarkable. I was very impressed by Edward’s wizardry, he was clearly the right man for the job.”

Geoff Lloyd, Tuxford Academy Principle