Cross Platform Long Transparent Interactive Photography at Londons Olympic Park

To celebrate the London 2012 Olympics, Reaxive produced the most comprehensive collection of interactive imagery of the Olympic Park Venues during the London Test Events, allowing viewers to take a virtual tour of the Olympic Park venues.

London Olympics 2012 Olympic Stadium ESPN 2 1024x493 Interactive Photography at Londons Olympic Park

In total, there are 55 360º spherical panoramas, 6 gigapixel panoramas and 2 3D photographs to be viewed with glasses or on a glasses-free 3D display. Those lucky enough to witness the official opening of the stadium on 5th May were even able to tag themselves with Facebook in a super high resolution image, consisting of over 4000 megapixels . Considering your normal camera takes about 12 megapixels, 4000 is rather a lot!

Optimized for mobile devices like tablet pcs and phones, users were able to zoom from one side of a venue to the other and explore the venues like never before. If you have an iphone 4 or iPad with a gyroscope and compass, you can actually move the device to control the scene to offer a truly unique and immersive viewing experience. You turn the device left, you look left, turn it right, you look right.

The imagery, which was syndicated by Press Association and showcased by ESPN, was viewed all over the world and helped to celebrate the opening of the largest sporting event in the world.



Photography: Edward Richard Miller
Design: James Mobbs
Illustration: Ben Longden
Web Design: Jez Williams